Translation Memory

Tolq uses a Translation Memory (TM). This means that we add all your translations to the TM, and we reuse them if a page contains a sentence from your TM. This means that you only pay once for a translated sentence. Your savings will expand over time too!

Apart from that, we also scan your content for duplicated sentences. We translate these sentences once, and then we reuse that translation for the duplicate(s).

You can view your savings in your order details​ before you order.
As time progresses, and you order more translations, your TM will expand, and each order will cost less.

Upgrading and Editing

Your TM doesn't just expand over time; you can also improve it. When you order texts in different qualities, the duplicates are shown across your site in the highest quality.

It is also possible to edit sentences in the TM. You, and your colleagues, can make changes very easily in our web-app. Any changes you make are applied to all duplicates too.

You can edit separate orders by selecting them on the Dashboard, but you can also browse for sentences in the Translation Memory Tab.