Supported languages

Here is a list of all the languages we support, both as source language and as target language.

Afrikaans (af)
Arabic (ar)
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
Bulgarian (bg)
Catalan (ca)
Chinese (Cantonese) (zh_HK)
Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)
Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW)
Croatian (hr)
Czech (cs)
Danish (da)
Dutch (nl)
English (en)
Estonian (et)
Finnish (fi)
Flemish (nl_BE)
French (fr)
French (Belgian) (fr_BE)
French (Swiss) (fr_CH)
German (de)
Greek (el)
Hebrew (he)
Hungarian (hu)
Indonesian (id)
Italian (it)
Italian (Swiss) (it_CH)
Japanese (ja)
Javanese (jv)
Korean (ko)
Latvian: (lv)
Lithuanian: (lt)
Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
Polish (pl)
Portuguese (pt)
Romanian (ro)
Russian (ru)
Slovak (sk)
Slovenian (sl)
Spanish (es)
Swedish (sv)
Tagalog (tl)
Tolq Latin (tq)
Turkish (tr)
Ukrainian (uk)
Urdu (ur)
Vietnamese (vi)

If you want to use dialects that are not in the list, such as British English (en_GB), please contact support, who will happily enable that for you.