Github Integration (beta)

You can integrate your Github account with Tolq to automatically translate content inside your application source code repository. Tolq will monitor each new pull request to check if there are changes in the source files and translate those changes. If you add new commits to a pull request, those changes will also be translated.

After translation is completed, you can review the translations in your Tolq account. When approved, Tolq will make a commit to the pull request with the translated files.

The integration has three requirements:

  • Configuration of a webhook in your Github project.

  • Access to a user account with permissions for the repository via personal access token.

  • Presence of a Tolq configuration yml file in your repository.

Github user

We recommend creating a separate account for Tolq to access your repository. It is also possible to use any existing Github account that has the same access.

The Github user account will need to create a personal access token with repository rights:


Once your token is created copy/paste it in our Github setup form.


Tolq needs to know when new untranslated content has been pushed to your master branch or when a pull request is made in order to create new translation requests.

You will need to access your repository settings ( ) and create a new webhook from there:


Payload URL will be “”, content type “application/json”, SSL must be enabled and “Pull Requests” will be the individual events triggering the hook.

tolq.yml configuration file

In order to specify where each of your translatable files are and where the translations should be delivered a tolq.yml configuration file must be created.

All files needing translation must be set inside source_file for which you will need to specify its language in source language and one or more languages in target_languages.


target_file will be completely overwritten after every completed translation with a new file generated using source_file as blueprint.

Within quality you must select any of our available quality codes:

machine postediting translation localization expert