Both orders and requests have a status. The request also has a more generic completed_at attribute, representing the datetime at which all translations were present.

  • not_started - Translation process has not started yet. For a machine translation this means we are still processing the request.
  • started - Translations are being processed.
  • client_review - Translations are pending your review.
  • finished - Translation process has been finished.
  • payment_failed - The payment of the order failed. Usually this happens because the payment details weren't set. Rarely it can also happen that the payment platform fails.

Request states:

  • pending - The request has just been created and is pending for processing.
  • unordered - The request has been quoted but not ordered.
  • ordered - The request has been ordered.
  • in_translation - The request is being translated.
  • waiting_for_client - The translations are pending your review.
  • duplicated - All sentences have been previously ordered.
  • finished - Translation process has been finished.