Tolq - Easy Translation

About Tolq

Tolq built a platform that is designed to make the translation of websites much easier. Here is why we think you will enjoy working with us:

  • The work comes to you
    As soon as a project matches your profile, we will send you an invitation to work on that project. Say goodbye to spending hours on searching for work!

  • Experience our efficient platform
    You will have a nice overview and manageable quantities of text: no copy paste word files, no weird screenshots of websites which you have to decipher. You enter your translations, review them, and then you confirm them. It is that efficient.

  • Quick client review
    The client has maximum two weeks to review your translations. As soon as the client is happy with your work, your earnings will become available.

  • Hassle-free payments
    After your earnings are released, you can withdraw them at any time you like: right away, or you may wait until you have saved a large amount! We also create an invoice for you, to save you time with your administration.

  • The speed and comfort of the 21st century, but personal communication
    Whenever you have a question, you simply send us an email or a message via the app on the platform. We also value your opinion immensely; we are dynamic, enthusiastic, and we are always open for feedback and improvement.

About Tolq