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Translation Manual

The Translation Platform

The Translation Platform is the environment in which you create your translations. When you access a task, you enter the Translation Studio. In the Studio you will find all kinds of tools to help you with your translations. You can find these tools in the left side bar.

The Style guide

When you are translating, there are some translation details you can not do without. Especially if the project is very large, and a few other translators are translating alongside you as well. These details include how you should write dates, whether you should use the metric system or how formal the translation should be. For this purpose, we have made the Basic Style Guide. This style guide is included with every task. Moreover, the client now knows which instructions should not be left out. Naturally, clients also have the option to add entries to the Basic Style Guide. This way, you'll never be in doubt about what the translations should look like.

The Glossary

The Glossary Tool allows the client to provide you with a detailed glossary, that will light up every time a source word matches with the glossary. All you have to do then is apply the terms already picked by the client.

Website Preview

The website preview feature allows you to see where a sentence is used on the website, and what the exact context of the sentence is.

You will find more information about the style guide and the glossary in the respective manuals.

Translation Requirements

You will also find the requirements for the quality of every task that you accept under "Task Details" in the left side bar. It is very important that you read these requirements carefully. Some texts require more attention than others. The requirements help you with deciding how much time a translation is going to take. It also tells you what kind of translation is expected from you. Even though every translation should be free of for example spelling errors, some texts require more attention for style, like marketing texts. Others do not require that much stylistic attention, such as comments from customers.

We also expect you to apply the Style Guide and the Glossary correctly. We ask our proofreaders to check whether you have applied these instructions. Proofreaders and clients will report sentences when you have not applied the instructions.

Translations should look neat and well taken care of. Many mistakes, just as literal and unnatural translations can be prevented by checking just the translation text as a whole one last time before you submit it.

HTML tags always have to be the same as in the source text, otherwise our system gets confused and will not let you save the sentence. The best way to preserve HTML tags is to copy paste them to the translation field. Should you encounter problems with HTML, always contact Support.

The Translation Memory

Our clients use a translation memory. You will see sentences from the translation memory in the translation field. These sentences are already translated. When you click them, you will see a message with an explanation about the status of that sentence and why you can not translate it.

Our system works with unique sentences (and not words or chunks etc.), of which all duplicates are copied and only translated once. This is why the Translation Studio only lets you translate per sentence, and not per text.

Sometimes it is difficult to convey the same meaning in one sentence and translate fluently at the same time. Should you not be able to find a solution, our linguist is always happy to advise you!

Translation Manual