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Reporting Problems with Sentences and Tasks

To be able to handle problems correctly, we have created two reporting functions: you can report sentences and you can report tasks. Whenever you experience a problem with a sentence or a task, you can report it. When you do this, the task will be frozen, and you can proceed working on other tasks. Reporting will not block your workflow, because you will able to access other tasks in the meantime.

We will receive your message and try to deal with the problem as fast as we can. We always send a follow up message to let you know that we have fixed the problem, or we send you an advice so you can handle the problem yourself. We use the support app in the right corner of the Tolq platform. Should you not be able to see this app (a small question mark you can click), we advise you to turn off your Ad-blocker for Tolq.

1. When should you use the report function?

You can use the report function for any problem that you encounter. You may see a problem in the source text, have serious doubts about how to translate a certain element, or you may experience a technical deficiency that is hindering you in the translation or proofreading process.

2. Why should you report sentences and tasks?

You should use this function to make sure the translations you deliver are correct. When you send us a message about your problem, but you confirm the translations in the meantime, the end result may be sent back to the client before we have had the chance to fix the actual problem.

Reporting Problems with Sentences and Tasks