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Qualification process

Where do I find the qualificaton task?

You can find the qualification task in 'Active Tasks' on the platform, and you can start on this task by clicking 'Start Translating'.

When you have finished your task, it will be reviewed within a few days.

Why do you use test translations?

This gives you a chance to familiarise yourself with our platform, and we can see your translation skills in action.

I have added language pairs: why do I not see a qualification task?

We are currently updating our qualification process. Not all qualification tasks are available yet. As soon as we have a task available for you, you will be notified.

When will my qualification task be reviewed?

After you have finished the qualification task, your task will be sent to our evaluator. It may vary how fast your task will be reviewed, depending on the number of new sign ups. You will be notified per email as soon as your translations have been approved or rejected.

Can I edit my qualification task after I have confirmed the task?

Unfortunately it is not possible to alter your qualification task if you have already completed it. Be sure to check your translations carefully before confirming them!

Qualification process