Tolq - Easy Translation

Waiting for your payment to arrive? Are you worried that something went wrong? On this page you can find all frequently asked questions about payments. Naturally, you can always contact us if you think something went wrong with your payment.

I have just made a withdrawal: how long does it take before my earnings appear in my bank- or PayPal account?

Since we process withdrawals manually, your money does not appear in your account right away. We normally process and transfer your withdrawal within seven working days.

I have just finished a task: why aren't my earnings released right away?

A task goes through different stages: translation, proofreading and client review. When you have translated a task, the task is sent to a proofreader. You can see the progress on your dashboard in "Tasks on hold". When the proofreader has finished the task it progresses to client review. As soon as the client has accepted your translations (you can see the progress and the deadline for the client on the task description) your task is moved to the "History" tab and your earnings are released.

Do I need to send an invoice when I make a withdrawal?

You do not need to send us an invoice for the projects that have been offered to you via the platform. We make an invoice for you automatically every week. You can view and download these invoices here

Sometimes we receive a document that is not compatible with our platform. For all document projects we will ask you to send us an invoice by email in PDF-format.

How much will I earn?

This depends on the rate you set on the platform and the projects we receive. We advise you to enter your preferred rate on the platform. If we have a project that matches your rate, you will receive it on your dashboard as soon as it arrives.

Should we have a project with a rate that differs from your preferred rate, we will manually notify you with additional information. This ensures that you do not miss out on projects.